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When you can see a layer of dust on your dash or your hood is fading from exposure to the sun, it's time to get your car detailed. Pat's Mobile Auto Care offers mobile car detailing for people in and around Pasadena, MD. Our expert detailer will come to you so you can get your car clean without lifting a finger.

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With a background in auto mechanics and years of experience in detailing, there's no better detailer to trust. We understand the importance of our clients' vehicles and will treat yours with the care it deserves. Our attention to detail and ability to go where our client needs is what keeps our customers returning time and time again.

Is Your Car's Paint Fading or Chipped?

We provide paint correction services to get it back looking prime

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What services do we provide?

From the interior to the exterior, we'll detail every part of your vehicle. If you don't know what package would work best for you, we'll go over all our detailing options. Just a few of our services include: